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Gardendale Royal Family KIDS Camp Volunteers

Each camp season, we need many volunteers to help create an exciting and safe environment for our campers. Watch this testimonial from several volunteers who describe how camp has changed their lives, and see some of the amazing things that happen at camp.  After the video, scroll down to read  descriptions of some of our volunteer positions.

Camp 2019 is July 14th to 19th.  APPLY NOW TO VOLUNTEER.

See our Events Page for more details about upcoming activities, including training for volunteers.

Camp Counselors

Camp counselors spend the entire week at camp and are assigned one or two campers a piece. Counselors must be at least 18 years of age and have to complete 8-12 hours of mandatory training to help ensure a safe camp environment. Some counselors are designated as relief counselors who have the special job of assisting with various children throughout the week. For every volunteer counselor, one to two additional children are able to attend camp. The number of counselor volunteers is usually the limiting factor in how many children we can accept into camp.

Support Staff at Camp

Counselors play a big role at camp; however, the royal week of fun would not be possible without dozens of other volunteers who commit to a week of service. Support staff can work in a variety of roles, from assisting with children’s activities, to working in the kitchen, lifeguarding, and coordinating prayer.

Registration and Pickup Helpers

Camp registration is a big day for the children as they arrive for their week long experience. Registration takes place on Monday morning of camp week at Gardendale-Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church, which is not the campsite. Counselors and staff who are spending the week are busy on registration morning at the campsite getting ready to shower the kids with a very exciting welcome and busy first day. Therefore, we need many part-volunteers who can assist at the church as the kids arrive and wait for their bus ride to camp. We also need volunteers who can help on the Friday of camp week with pickup activities.

Part-Time Volunteers

Our camp also needs part time assistance each year to help ensure the week or royal treatment for our campers. Part-time volunteers who have contact with the campers also require training; however, not as many hours are required as for full-time volunteers who attend the camp week. Part-time positions include helping with registration and pick-up days, serving on clean-up crews, assisting with loading and unloading luggage and the supply truck, and other behind the scenes positions.

Do you want to see more of the exciting, memory making moments that happen at camp every summer?  Check out this longer video with lots of photos and video clips from our 2018 camp.

Apply now to join our volunteer crew.  We have positions during camp week, as well as shorter term positions that support camp in other ways.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our camp and hope you will prayerfully consider volunteering to help either full-time during the camp week or part-time.

Are you ready?  Get your application now!